If you’re into DIY in NYC, I wouldn’t miss Flux Thursday tomorrow:

Flux Thursday is a monthly dinner, potluck and salon held at Flux Factory, your and my favorite artist collective in Queens, NYC. The June 2010 installment is kind of special, because it will also include an awards ceremony for Flux’s current exhibition, The Science Fair, which features interactive experiments and presentation booths by artist-scientists and scientist-artists. Participants include Robin Brehm, Daupo, Lisa Glauer & Kaethe Wenzel, Fred Forest, Samwell Freeman, Hope Ginsburg & Colablablab, Kate Hartman, Jay Henderson, Jaime Iglehart, Scott Kildall, Rafael Hidalgo Múgica, Julia Oldham, James Rouvelle & Lili Maya, SP Weather Station and Daniel Robie, Chad Stayrook, Studio AND, Flint Weisser, Elizabeth Whalley, Daniel Schludi, and Jing Yu.

And that’s not all! The evening will also include two special salon presentations: Scientists Are The New Rock Stars, a performance by Scott Bieben; and The World’s Longest DIY Slideshow, a roller coaster presentation of over 300 images by Nick Normal from his recent trip to the Bay Area for Maker Faire – which is coming to NYC later this year, so Nick’s slideshow will serve to both answer questions about how the Faire operates, and also to catalyze Makers in NY with inspiration!

Flux Thursday

July 10, 2010 8-11pm

FREE, but bring potluck

Flux Factory, 39-31 29 Street, Long Island City, NY (directions)