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LuminAR lamp knows what you are doing, tries to help out

Natan Linder upgraded his trusty desklamp, augmenting it with a robotic arm, pico projector, and camera to make the LuminAR. This is no longer an ordinary lamp- instead of just illuminating your desk contents, it turns them into augmented reality surfaces and gesture interfaces. Ok, I’ll take two! [via engadget]

3 thoughts on “LuminAR lamp knows what you are doing, tries to help out

  1. I like the project, but I’m more interested in the lamp to robot conversion. That’s a cool make. Anyone know if there is more information on it?

    1. Looks more like a robot to lamp conversion to me. That would be the easiest way to do it. Just make a robot arm, and replace the gripper with a lightbulb.

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