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Small-scale Solar Trackers & A DIY Solar Bicycle Rack

Voltaic (makers solar bags) have a DIY section filled with projects and resources for solar powered goodness – here are couple recent ones I thought were interesting…


Solar trackers can increase power generated by a solar panel by orienting the panel towards the sun throughout the day. This decreases the amount (and cost) of PV required to generate a given amount of power. While we mainly see trackers implemented on utility-scale systems, there has been an explosion of small-scale tracker prototypes online


New DIY Solar Bicycle Rack – Two friends making a cross-country bike trip built out a nice solar bicycle rack. They’re fund raising for cancer research and will be using smart phones to make updates throughout the trip. The kits uses an old backpack shell (free) as the to secure the panels, 3 1.5 Watt 6 Volt solar panels, 1 Mini USB Circuit Box and 1 USB Battery Pack V11.


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