Make:NYC Meeting 19:

Challenge: Raingutter Regatta

We’re giving boats another shot. This time hopefully it won’t be so sticky. Build raingutter boats with us and see who crafts the best performing vessel!

Show and Tell: Meet your fellow NYC Makers and show off your creations! Bring your gadgets, gizmos, sketches, ideas, anything you’d like to put in the spotlight. We encourage NYC Makers to collaborate on and discuss DIY projects. If you’re planning to bring a project, drop us a note at [email protected]

RSVP: If you’d like to attend we have plenty of space for everyone. It’s not required, but if you plan to attend click here to RSVP!

Donations: Make:NYC runs the majority of our events on the goodwill and generosity of people with an interest in the DIY community. In this spirit, we graciously accept donations from participants with some cash to spend on a night of fun and challenges in NYC. The donation tube will be set out at each meeting for any cash you’d care to spare.

Make:NYC Meeting 19
Wednesday June 23rd, 6:30pm
Bug Labs
598 Broadway (at Houston), 4th floor, NYC