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Pinhole video

Josh Grant cobbled together a pinhole lens for his DSLR, threw on a UV filter and started shooting.

I took it with me to the park the next sunny afternoon, along with a tripod, expecting to take a few multi-second exposures of dandelions. I was surprised to learn that I 1/5s was all I needed at ISO 800 to get a proper exposure. I cranked the ISO up to 5000 shortly thereafter, getting a shutter speed of 1/30s.

I was thrilled that I could shoot pinhole photos hand-held at that speed! It was only later, as I was leaving the park that the significance of the “1/30s” shutter speed hit me… That was the correct shutter speed for 24 frames/s HD video! That was my goal for the weekend: find a classic pinhole photo subject, get the camera back on a tripod, and make a short video.

[Via DIY Photography, thanks Udi!]


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