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Webserver break down? There’s a shield for that!

The person behind wtfmoogle apparently had problems with their web server, and decided to replace it with an Arduino until a new server can be secured. As of the time that I checked, it claims to have served the site over 3800 times, with 356 of them since the device had to be reset:

Moment of silence please…
On June 13nth 2010 at around lunch time my webserver served its last page then suffered a total raid card failure :(
Old JerTech_Main will be cremated in the next day or so and its ashes stripped of copper and aluminum…
All is not lost, a full back up was performed
You can send your condolences to The Moogle at HaxtorMoogle at gmail dot com my web store is still online
This page is hosted on my arduino until a new server is built

[via Arduino Blog]

6 thoughts on “Webserver break down? There’s a shield for that!

  1. Poor little arduino! I’m curious why it keeps going down though? I can understand if it couldn’t serve up pages fast enough.. race conditions non-stop.

    Not up on my shield recognition but that looks like a sparkfun box. What’s the thing plugged into the analogs? an accelerometer?

    That picture reminds me of the flash destroyer somehow.. i feel the need to rescue the chip.

    1. From the description, it sounds like a full-blown server computer went down (i.e. “raid card failure”) and an Arduino was recruited to replace it. Makes one wonder why a server was pushing pages that an Arduino can accomplish (unless it’s just a “stay tuned for the replacement server” place holder)

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