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Beautiful plumbing pipe lamps

These “Kozo” handmade iron-pipe lamps from Israeli group Demo Design Clinic first appeared on my radar back in early 2009 when Boing Boing blogged about their original model, the kozo1, pictured top left. They were a runaway success, and Kozo has since added many more models. They’ve got a clever trick for building the switch into a faucet handle to match the spot-on DIY aesthetics of the lamp itself. Gareth blogged a pretty sweet remake, minus the fancy switch, by a reader named Boris shortly thereafter.

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  1. Two years ago I made a grounded and safe heavy duty outlet strip from plumbing pipe and steel outlet boxes similar to this. The reason was my ‘UL approved’ outlet strips had cheap plastic casings that would break at the wall screw mounts when simply unplugging a cord. Also transformers would block outlets on either side. I could drive a car over it and it would hold up. Everybody attacked me because plumbing pipe was not for electrical. I had guys attacking me just ASSUMING that I hadn’t done this-or-that properly. My how the times have changed. Where are the attack hounds?

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