Meredith Scheff’s StarBoard intro kits are now in Makers Market!

StarBoards are an easier way to make soft circuit projects. Totally flexible, StarBoards are iron-on PCB (printed circuit boards) that you can sew through with a sewing machine and conductive thread. They can also be soldered on directly with regular wire or hand stitched. Because you sew right through the pads, your connection is made with the stitch and it minimizes the need for knotting the thread.

This kit includes everything you need to finish a simple soft circuit project, or add to an existing one.
– 3 amber LED only boards
– amber LED/resistor combo board
– 9v battery snap on leads
– battery lead breakout board
– 10 feet of conductive thread

The battery leads are pre-soldered onto the board- making this kit solderless if you use it as-is.
All you have to do is iron on, stitch together, and light up!

The design of Meredith’s kits is really clever and makes it super easy to get started stitching circuits.


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