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How scientists see the world

Good commentary about how studying science can affect your World View, by Abstruse Goose. That’s a pretty cute O2 -> CO2 machine! [via neatorama]

14 thoughts on “How scientists see the world

  1. No, this is NOT how scientists see the world, and it irritates me that you think it is. Sure, there are times when I notice something happening and I start thinking about the physics behind it. But mostly when I see trees, I see trees; when I see a rabbit, I see a rabbit; when I see ferns, I see ferns. To suggest that I’m constantly subjecting everything around me to physics analysis is to imply I’m somehow inhuman and incapable of enjoying the world on a simple sensory level. That’s wrong, and it’s insulting.

      1. Thanks for posting the video link! That’s a great interview by Feynman. I went and watched the whole thing again.

    1. Sounds like you need Lighten up and go look at more trees and bunnies. Little uptight is what is sound like to me.

      1. Yes I should proofread what I type but I am in a bit of a hurry, you know smelling the roses and all that

        1. Folks, please try to keep comments civil and directed at ideas and not at each other.

          For one, I think the cartoon is not to be taken literally, or at least taken TOO seriously. I’m not a scientist, but I am a nerd, an intellectual person, and I can certainly get caught sometimes in seeing the science of reality, the watchworkings of it all, and not dolly back to see the larger context, to see OTHER contexts. I certainly know other friends of mine, much brainier than me, who tend to go heavy on the sci-tech deconstruction of the world to the near-exclusion of other modes of perception. This is just a comical reminder that we can ALL “lighten up and go look at more trees and bunnies.”

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