Youtube user textualarmor created a wearable interval camera as a project for a class at Carnegie Mellon.

There are so many moments in life that are not considered “photo-worthy,” but in looking back we find ourselves wishing we had pictures to commemorate them. Specifically, I think of the countless bike rides I’ve taken around New York City, commuting to work, or visiting friends, crossing bridges and zipping through traffic and riding along the West Side Highway bike path at sunset. Only rarely did I dismount, dig through my bag and pause to frame and take a picture. Those occasions I did produced “set up” shots. The spontaneity and reality of those moments are lost.

When powered on, the arduino will read available light from the light meter. In “adequate light” such as provided by indoor overhead lighting or greater, the unit will take a picture and then power down for 10 minutes before checking light levels again. If it is too dark, it will wait 5 minutes before taking another light reading.