We love our friends at iFixit.com, but we have to admit, they may be slightly off their nut. Witness this email we just got from them:

We went to extreme lengths to acquire the iPhone 4. Kyle flew to Japan, expecting to take advantage of the 16-hour time difference. He had his camping gear all ready to wait in line outside the Ginza Apple Store tonight.

But then, in a last-minute twist that should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with the ongoing iPhone 4 release drama, FedEx delivered some iPhone 4 units to customers two days early.

One of those customers, an engineer at a Silicon Valley startup, provided us his phone. And we are taking it apart.

We have confirmed that the iPhone’s A4 processor has 512 MB RAM, unlike the iPad’s more limited 256 MB. This decision may have been made fairly late in Apple’s development cycle, because early leaked prototype phones only had 256 MB.

We will also be performing an ultra in-depth silicon analysis of the A4 and the new gyroscope, but the results will not be available for a few days.

The live teardown is in process as we speak:

iPhone 4 Teardown