The lab-coated miscreants at Evil Mad Scientist Labs have added yet another Arduino-compatible board to the mix, this one, very bare-bones (while being fully shield-compatible). It’s called the Diavolino (little devil). Windell explains:

We designed this primarily in response to local need in our San Francisco hacker community for low-cost boards for teaching.

In many ways, this project is reminiscent of and complimentary to our ATmegaXX8 target boards, which are low-cost, simple design circuit boards for programming AVR microcontrollers through an ISP connection. And while you can add one, those boards don’t have a place to put a USB-TTL cable. And so here we are.

The design is like what you’d get if you bred the Ardweeny from Solarbotics with the 5 V Arduino Pro from SparkFun. It’s designed as an open source, through-hole soldering kit, with the “Duemilanove” form factor.

And as Windell points out, probably the spankiest thing about it? Flames.


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