Homemade bath faucet / showerhead
homemade bath faucet.jpg

Spotted in the MAKE Flickr pool, from user safoocat.

Ever get tired of those fake chrome faucet fixtures that end up leaking and you can’t fix them? Then make your own from pvc parts. The hose going off the top is the shower.

There’s no doubt I have eccentric tastes, but I love the way this looks. Would be even cooler if she had, like, a stainless steel feed trough or something for the tub.

Handmade lens cap

4 thoughts on “Homemade bath faucet / showerhead

  1. But in Copper. Kids and dogs are hard on cheaply made (yet expensive costing) fittings. I may try that in the kids bathroom, and if it’s looks are up to my wife’s standards, upgrade the master bath later.

    Don’t have a propane torch to do the copper with, but I’ve heard about a clear glue that may work.

  2. My apartment has had a crappy dripping faucet since I moved in 18 months ago. The landladies sons have come to fix it to the best of their abilities 6 or 7 times. (They don’t want me to fix it, or I’d have fixed it the right way already.)

    At this point, I’d rather rip the damn thing out and do it this way instead of having a constant stream of water occurring.

    I agree with Rallen. I’d do it in copper.

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