As our special quarterly theme comes to a close, I’d thought I’d share some awesome workshops we’ve covered in Make: Online. Some of these shops are glorious, others more humble, but I found them all fascinating.

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Tilden Lab Overview.jpg

Mark Tilden’s workshop with a view



Dream workshop



Multitasking workshops



Kaas’s l33t storage techniques



The world’s tiniest workshop?



Ian Ross’s workbench and shed


Thumbnail image for DESK!!!!!.jpg

Small-space workbench


Cement topped workbench


Closet workbench



Firefly workshop

10 thoughts on “Make: Time & Space: Top 10 workshops

  1. 10 and 3 do not seem very ‘workshopy’

    8 through 4 trigger a sense of nostalgia in me.

    2 reminds me of college

    1 is what my workshop is beginning to look like

    9 is pure porn. There should be laws against posting smut like that.

    1. He, he, he. Porn, now that’s funny. I agree. While that workshop is pure envy, it is like a supermodel… not much going on but gawking. Sure I have two electric drills, but one is good, the other I use for jobs that make me smell the winding varnish. Darn if the old girl still works to see another abusive project, like repositioning the axle on my trailer. I am quite honored to be #1 and I already appologized to my dad for treating his workshop like my toybox, he could never find anything, then MY WORKSHOP is honored for functionality. Sorry dad, I’ll get you a Home Depot gift card.

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