Special Maker Faire version! Meet the PumLantern kit – a solar-charged, night-time activated light-pulsing lantern! This new pummer features even brighter LEDs than the old HexPummer, as well as stylized lantern construction.

This kit charges all day from the SCC3733 solar cell, and pumms the four ultra-mega-super-bright LEDs to cast artistic silhouettes against the walls of the lantern. The LEDs themselves are a random grab of white, blue, red, orange and green. Like the HexPummer, this is a build-it-yourself kit. Basic electronics assembly is needed for the Pummer circuit, and the shell slides/snaps together with little effort. Everything is included to build this kit! Colors vary. Soldering required.

Note that this video shows off the old HexPummer circuitry instead of the new PumLantern. They’re both pretty similar, except the new design is much brighter!

Maker Faire PumLantern kit in the Maker Shed