Obsession: Foam ‘n’ More

When my mom told me we were going to the foam store, I provided several snarky jokes. Once we arrived at Troy’s Foam ‘n’ More and I saw what a crafty powerhouse the place was, I regretted my smarniess immediately.

Imagine walking into a small store front where any project is possible. Need a Victorian couch repaired? Sure. Need some foam crown molding for your daughter’s high school musical set? It’s right over there. Or, in my case, “Need those vinyl chair pieces sewed together because your machine can’t handle it? Send ’em our way.” My mom was updating a favorite 1970 rocker for my new house and knew this gem of a group could not only cut new cushions for the chair, but help with the strangest of requests.
Everywhere you look, it’s foam of all shapes, sizes, and densities. I can’t stop thinking about what kind of supplies I can find inside… That and the URL – FoamForYou.com. Nice.

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