Sarah James is at it again with another DIY replacement for a drugstore products: toothpaste. She writes:

Quit throwing away your hard earned cash for name brand toothpaste like a sucker!   Get the cleanest feeling teeth of your life with this homemade toothpaste recipe that actually tastes good.

Toothpaste is something you can make easily with stuff you have at home, and flavor however you like. Your family could be brushing their teeth for a YEAR for how much you’re currently spending on one tube! Now how does that sound?

But Scooch, you say, I’ve tried homemade toothpaste, and it’s tastes like. . . well, like baking soda! Now, now, I understand your concerns – I’ve tried them all too. Yuck! So I’ve decided to put an end to nasty homemade toothpaste with my own recipe, designed to bring you a new level of taste and freshness from that I think you’re going to love!