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Holy smokes Iron Man costume

It may look like a CG rendering from a big-budget movie, but it’s really just a photograph of Colorodan Anthony Le wearing his $4,000 homemade costume.

[Le] used thin, high-impact urethane for the armor, cutting it into plates and joining them with some 1,500 rivets and washers. He sculpted a clay helmet mold and then used a liquid resin mix to create the final product…He also added a small servo motor that opens the faceplate, as in the movie, and built a gun out of pipes and a motor. LEDs in the eyes and chest-plate further add to the illusion.

[via Popular Science]

6 thoughts on “Holy smokes Iron Man costume

  1. That’s a “War Machine” costume, not an Iron Man costume. And yes, I realize that correcting you on that qualifies me as a nerd.

  2. My son immediately asked for one of these for his Halloween costume. I think we might have to do something a little less elaborate!

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