Hidden workbench

Guillaume Trannoy’s workbench sits innocuously in the corner of his office, masquerading as a file cabinet. However, the front flips down to reveal a work surface, soldering station, oscilloscope and power supply. The drawers below hold components.

8 thoughts on “Hidden workbench

  1. Very nice design, but one suggestion for longevity and minimization of inadvertent collapse (on the next one): Put some pull-out supports under the work surface, maybe on some 100lb drawer slides — those little hinge hanger things won’t hold up to much of anything, the screws will pull right out with a disastrous consequence. Old “secretaries” like that used some supports. Or maybe pull out that top drawer a bit and shim up a support for the work surface?

    1. Thx! I searched something to hide current development and let it tidy inside ;-)
      But you are right, heavy work may collapse the desk. But generally i work on handheld devices and it is cheapest enough to be replace when deteriorate ;-) (deep anough for my oscillo, cutting the back for power lines and ready!)

    1. Yes, it is this one !
      I know it is not like a workshop but a day, when i would have bigger flat or house… ;-)

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