MZ_Kids-Badge.gifI’ve been a huge fan of typemakers House Industries ever since, well since I was a graphic designer, which was a long time ago. I not only love their font families, mainly “atomic age” retro-modern designs, but a lot of the swag and type-inspired products they increasingly design and sell. Case in point are the Eames House Blocks, a collection of 36 Michigan-grown basswood blocks that allow your little proto-design snobs to recreate Charles and Ray Eames’ Case Study No. 8 house and studio, or to use the blocks’ colorful letters, numbers, and dingbat designs to build whatever they wish.

OK, so at $175 a set, you might want to just cut, paint, and finish a set of blocks with your own cool designs. The Eames’ were on a mission to bring great design to the masses. Prove the mission was a success and craft up an arty set of your own. [Via Dinosaurs and Robots]

Eames House Blocks