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I made one of these Death Star cookies when I was five…


…and had forgotten about it until I saw this post from Mayor Todd Franklin.

Well, OK, “I” made it in the sense that I watched my mother make it and (I think) she let me poke some of the holes with a fork. But of course she gave me all the credit. A great memory, for both of us, that would have been lost if not for the magic of the internet. The Sith Lord’s original recipe appears in 1979’s Darth Vader Activity Book. [via Boing! Moreover, Boing!]


2 thoughts on “I made one of these Death Star cookies when I was five…

  1. Hee hee…I’m having all of these wonderful images of Vader, Tarkin, and Palpatine covered in flour, arguing over who gets to ice the spritz cookies.

    Meanwhile, at the kitchen table, Admiral Motti and High General Tagge are gluing together lightsabers made from toilet paper rolls.

    Also, Darth is in an apron.

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