One of the many very cool things about my job is getting to watch ideas evolve in the community over time. Since I first saw Mikal Hart present the original reverse geocache puzzle at Dorkbot Austin more than a year ago, we’ve seen a number of cool variations and improvements on the theme (see the “More” block, below). This latest twist, from Donald Papp, adds a couple of cool features including reprogrammable “solution” locations, allowing the box to be used over and over again, specifically with the intent that, in an analogy to regular geocaching, it will have multiple users over its lifetime. The idea is that you can solve it, reprogram it, and then pass it on to somebody else. Donald has also added a camera to the box that records a photo every time it is activated for a “hint,” making the journey of the box and its user(s) self-logging. [Thanks, Donald!]