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New in the Maker Shed: PowerSwitch Tail

The PowerSwitch Tail allows you to safely control a standard wall outlet (120VAC) device with almost any micro controller. Simply connect 2 wires and your ready to go! It’s perfect for use with an Arduino. Just connect 1 wire to ground, and the other to a free pin on the Arduino (or on almost any other micro-controller) and now you can safely control most standard 120VAC 3-prong outlets.

14 thoughts on “New in the Maker Shed: PowerSwitch Tail

  1. Just a note, still need a transistor on the output pin for most micro’s. Needs 40ma supplied to actuate.

  2. At long last, this is a GREAT idea. I’ve been putting off messing with mains for a PID project for some time. It is WELL worth the $19 to avoid the hassle and danger.

    1. Me too! In less than 5 minutes I had an Arduino flashing SOS on a floor lamp. I just connected 1 screw terminal to ground, and the other to a free pin on the Arduino. A few lines of code and that was it. Just make the pin go high/low. That’s it.

      Now it’s onto a more complicated project.

    1. A couple of things in the specs tell me this won’t work for PWM applications:

      – Life expectancy: 50,000 operations @ 10A, 125VAC

      – Operate times: 10 ms max actuate, 5 ms max release.

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