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Vintage PC ads

Remember these ads? I sure do. I remember a surprising number of them, from magazines like Byte and PC Age.

30 Old PC Ads That Will Blow Your Processor

24 thoughts on “Vintage PC ads

  1. Ah, the VIC 20. My first computer. That’s the biorhythm software shown on screen I believe and Captain Kirk himself advertising it. I loved that thing so much ‘VIC 20’ is the number plate I put on the car I just spent 6 years restoring (the car is also called Vicky 2 – different story). If it wasn’t for that computer getting me interested and into the industry I am not sure I could afford expensive hobbies like building cars now.

  2. I remember about half of those ads. The commentary is a little disappointing, though. We can ALL do the math. What would have been nice is a date to go with the ads, and some information other than what we can see and calculate from the ad image. There just wasn’t effort put into the list.

    Sequential, historical, and “fun” facts would have made that a pleasant trip down memory lane. Instead it was like reading a grocery list.

    I wish I hadn’t tossed all of my Byte and Kilobaud magazines.

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