I’ve been a fan of Jim Woodring and his psychedelic, surrealist art for decades. You always get the distinct impression that Jim is up to something; that he has a whole special universe of weirdness and wonder swimming around inside his head. Now, thanks to a fundraising program set up through USA (United States Artists), you can be in on at least one of Jim’s crazy ideas. He wants to create a giant dip pen, with a beautifully-engineered steel nib, and a finely-turned 6′ long wooden pen holder. Once the pen has been crafted, he wants to learn how to use it effectively (likely no small feat) and to produce large pieces of art, drawn in public, with it. He’s looking to raise $4500 to fund the project. So far, he has $805. [Thanks, Bruce!]

Giant Steel Dip Pen and Penholder for Demonstration and Display