“Man-cave” workshop

Craig Crutchfield’s beautiful garage workshop is “a man cave, a sanctuary, a workspace.”

Mostly I build these really crusty picture frames for my really crusty photography out there. But I also use it as a photo studio for a down and dirty look. It’s a laboratory for making camera gear and Frankenstein cameras. I make all my home’s repairs out there. I do some remedial wood work out there. It’s my art studio. My place to store inspiration when I can get my hands on it. A refuge. A great place to think and create.

Want more views? See the Flickr set.

6 thoughts on ““Man-cave” workshop

  1. Nice place. I like how it mixes workshop with file room. Truly a multipurpose cave.

    I particularly like the giant air freshener, and of course no workspace is complete without an oversize container of caffeine containing beverage.

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