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LED-illuminated acrylic MakerBot

From the MAKE Flickr pool: This nerdpr0n beauty shot of an acrylic MakerBot CupCake 3D printer. Most makerbotters stick to the classic plywood enclosure because acrylic has a tendency to crack — but the payoff, if executed well, oh baby. This one was made by Rob Giseburt of CCCKC.

8 thoughts on “LED-illuminated acrylic MakerBot

  1. Wow that looks great. All it needs now is some type of interaction between the system and the lights. I am thinking RGB LEDs and some monitoring of the steppers to gradually change colors.

  2. I’m glad you guys enjoy it!

    The fun thing is, this photo is with only 2/3 of the installed lights turned on, and that’s with only 1/2 of the final lights installed.

    I’ll post more photos as I go. I’m documenting the process and will have full documentation and such on my blog:


    The plan is for the LEDs to change color based on nozzle and build platform temperatures. I’m working on the circuit to control the colors now.

    The whole thing will be on Thingiverse as open source as well.

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