There are some great presenters and exhibitors here at HOPE. Besides the usual suspects: Adafruit, EFF, Sparkle Labs, No Starch Press, there are a number of new faces. One of those is Brad Litwin, here with the folks from The Hacktory in Philadelphia, PA.

We’ve covered Brad’s wonderful kinetic sculptures here before. In his basement shop, he fabricates the parts to make pieces such as the “Sway of Public Opinion” (above) and “Tracker-Rocker” (below). “Sway” uses welding wire, coat hanger material, and copper cladding to create a caterpillar-like line of frantically-peddling bicycling feet. The camera-motor-powered “Tracker-Rocker” gracefully rolls a bearing-ball around a Tilt-a-Whirl-y track.

He’s only showing a video of the Quadapult at the con, but it’s definitively worth checking out (shades of Animusic, only real) .

More photos, videos, and info at Brad’s site.

Brad Litwin

Mechanical Atom Smacker