My new capacitor bank is finished! This bank holds 38x 4700uF and 2x 3300uF capacitors of 350V in parallel (total 0,1852 Farad). It can hold a maximum energy of about 11344 Joule.

This bank is suitable for various electrical weapons and test setups, which include: rail gun, coil gun and ETC gun. The design is as compact as possible, so that it eventually can be made portable.


Capacitance: 185200uF
Voltage: 350V
Energy: 11343,5 Joules
Conductors: 4mm aluminum sheets
Weight: 44,1 kg
Dimensions: 385 x 613 x 182mm
Costs: €208,52

I especially like his lasercut conductor plate made of aluminum and PCB board. [Via Hacked Gadgets]

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