RGB globe gives you a weather report

Tim created a globe that uses an Arduinoi, Xbee, a ShiftBrite shield and Processing code input data from his weather station to change the color of a series of RGB LEDs to indicate the current weather.

WeatherBeacon is an optical weather indicator showing current temperature, humidity, and precipitation from my backyard weather station. Updated every minute, WeatherBeacon is a conspicuous device designed to attract attention and display weather conditions as a single color. While it’s not the first WeatherBall or Beacon, its round shape and colors are more natural than the glowing digits of bank thermometers often found on outdoor weather displays.

Subtle changes in weather conditions are hard to feel. You can’t easily sense the weather by viewing numbers, charts, and digits. I wanted to create a physical devise to communicate slight meteorological changes in a simpler, more intuitive way. I also wanted to combine three weather parameters (temperature, humidity, precipitation) into a single color…

WeatherBeacon [Via Garrett Mace]

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