WD-40 “Now & Then”

500X Wd40

This is pretty cool WD-40 has a “Now and Then” pack via Giz

To celebrate WD-40’s heritage and honor multiple generations of WD-40 users, we’re offering you a 1950s-style WD-40 Collector’s Can in the Now & Then Twin Pack.

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  1. Ah, WD40. It’s one of those thinks that’s very handy to have around but also very often misused. Or rather used when you should be using something else. It’s like the big hammer of spray can goop. The main thing is, it isn’t oil! It also isn’t a good penetrating fluid for removing rusty bolts. A 50%-50% mix of acetone and ATF works wonders for that.

    There is a good list of what it can and can’t do on Snopes: http://www.snopes.com/inboxer/household/wd-40.asp


    1. Other changes (maybe this is a spot the differences type thing)
      – The handle on the vise is in a different position.
      – There are two small objects between the wrenches and the ratchet in the top-left.
      – The liquid in the bottle above the caps of the WD-40 cans is different.
      – The WD-40 old-style can has a blank label in the right image.
      – There is another can in the group to the left of the brown bin in the right image.
      – There is a wall plug in the bottom-left of the right image.

      I see a couple others in addition to these. I think it is one of those puzzles.

  2. I wish they’d go back to an earlier version of the can design permanently. The dinky little fold-out straw cap is a packaging disaster. Now instead of the straw falling off, leaving you with a still-functional spray can, the whole cap falls off. Worse, this happens every single time I pick up the can. I’ve resorted to keeping a small oilcan of kerosene around instead. It’s essentially the same stuff, but without the stupid packaging.

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