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Digital paint roller

It’s a prototype called txtBOMBER, by Felix Vorreiter. It has seven solenoid-actuated pens and an Arduino for a brain. [via Dude Craft]

4 thoughts on “Digital paint roller

  1. This is a really cool idea.

    I would be concerned with rough surfaces tearing the tip of paint ‘pens’. I wonder if you could use miniature rollers.

    Spray paint would probably work better. I know someone had made a remote control car with spray paint cans that painted graffiti on the sidewalk.

    Even cooler, I could see this as a kids toy, that just used water to ‘paint’ words temporarily on the sidewalk

  2. Rather than spray paint, chalk “spray paint” markers are removable.

    Well, mostly removable, some of the chalks out there can be pretty persistent.

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