For a complete daily schedule with links, see the online program.

MAKE’s Mark Frauenfelder will talk about his new book Made by Hand and cigar box guitars. Bre Pettis, of MakerBot, will talk about personal fabrication. Also, Ted Hall, of Shopbot Tools, will talk about his grandfather who was an inventor who worked with Henry Ford and became “the father of aviation lighting.” Ted visited his grandfather during the summer and spent time with him in his workshop. There are lots of hands-on demos and ongoing activities throughout Maker Faire.

11:00 AM New Appropriate Technology, John Barrie
11:30 AM Tearoom for Robots, John Marshall
1:00 PM Inspired by Bucky Fuller
• Wind Power on Buildings, Bil Becker of Aerotecture
• My Personal Journey Thru Space and Time, Dewayne Hendricks
2:00 PM Made By Hand, Mark Frauenfelder of Make
2:30 PM Generations of Makers, Ted Hall
3:00 PM 3D Printing and Personal Fabrication, Bre Pettis, MakerBot Industries

• 10:00 AM Automated Web Brewery, Joe Szacon
• 11:00 AM Rogue Engineering, Eric Michaud
• 12 PM DIYLILCNC, Chris Reilly
• 1:00 PM Laser Lunch Box, Mike Gould
• 3:00 PM Matt Mets Makes, Matt Mets
• 4:00 PM Quad Copters, Eric Merrill

• 10:00 AM Green Crafting: Handmade Detroit
• 11:00 AM Crafting with Wire, Deanne Neiburger
• 11:30 AM Sewing Fabric Floweres, Karen LePage
• 12 PM Building a Business from Junk Drawer Common Sense, Sarah Hodsdon,
• 1PM Hackerspaces Panel
• 2PM Space as a Service, Michael Kessler
• 2:30PM Crafting with Xyron’s Creatopia, Brookelynn Morris
• 3:00PM Button Machines, Amanda Marie Edmonds
• 3:30 PM Repair 2.0: Reinventing the way we fix things, Kyle Wiens, iFixit
• 4:00 PM DIY Garden Irrigation, Jamie Wolfe

• 11:00AM Genesis
• 12 PM 80 lbs of Chicken in 8 weeks, Chad Chenier
• 1:00 PM BEE Aware!Tracey Gaudette, Island Gold Honey
• 2:00 PM Brother Nature Farms, Greg Willerer
• 3:00 PM Local Food Map, Local Dirt

• 10 & 2PM Metal Casting Demo, Rick Chownyk

**Additional Performances**

Life-sized Mousetrap Performance (outside) –
11:30, 1:30, 3:30, 4:30PM
Illuminatus 2.1 Laser Lightshow (Anderson Theater) – 10, 12, 2:30, 4:30PM
Power Racing Series events – 10, 1 PM
COKE ZERO & MENTOS — 4PM (outside)