Want to visit Japan and the new Tokyo hackerspace 4nchor5 la6 with a group of hackers? Hackers on a Plane is organizing an 18-day trip with a cost of only $3,133.70.

In 2007, Nick Farr organized Hackers on a Plane, a trip from Def Con to CCCamp, with tours of European hackerspaces thrown in. The trip was credited with stimulating the hackerspace scene in the US, with dozens of spaces started shortly after. Bre Pettis even called Nick the “Johnny Appleseed of hackerspaces.” Who knows what and whom this trip will inspire? Way cool.

4 thoughts on “Hackers on a Plane set course for Japan

  1. Just wanted to mention that there are multiple hackerspaces in Tokyo. There is Tokyo Hackerspace, Anchor Labs, and Tamabi Hackerspace.

  2. What a cool opportunity and what a great price! Unfortunately I can’t work that into my schedule but it is so enticing.

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