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Hopworks Beer Bike


The Hopworks Beer Bike is a perfect storm. It’s the culmination of a love of craft and a deep respect for producing a quality product. Designed and built by Phillip Ross and Jamie Nichols of Metrofiets Cargo Bikes for Christian Ettinger of Hopworks Urban Brewery, the dual keg toting pub-on-wheels sports an aluminum pan with fifty feet of draft coil, two custom taps, inlaid old-growth woodwork bar with a split top for easy access to the kegs, an MP3 sound system modeled after a motorcycle’s hard pannier bag, and a back rack capable of holding three large pizzas for the unavoidable crowd that forms every time the bike stops.

Catch the Taplister interview with owner Christian Ettinger embedded above or this delightful segment from Discovery Channel Canada’s Daily Planet featuring the the Metrofiets crew.

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  1. It’s perfect design indeed for a beer bike i am also looking for a Amsterdam Beer Bike which is the big reason of my presence here. I know very well that a lot of things are there which we had to keep in our mind before doing it.

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