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Faceted barrel d20

I love Abraham Neddermann’s Dice Creator’s Blog, full of his experiments with gaming dice. His most recent creation is a lovely hollow twenty-sider he calls Larry Niven’s d20.

Today’s post, can be described as a truly “Concept Die”, like the concept cars you see on many auto shows. It comes as a solution to “The D20 question”, which is, more or less, the unpracticality of a barrel type D20. You know, as you increase the faces number with a constant face width, diameter of the die also increases.

A few days ago, Abraham had tried to make a solid version, and it ended up weighing in at 37.5 grams (about 1.3 oz) — this one seems more practical! So much so that he’s adopted it has his personal d20.


8 thoughts on “Faceted barrel d20

  1. And I know weight would be a critical issue here, but I think it would be really fun to put a bearing in the middle and have some sort of weighted pendulum with a pointer on top on an axle running through it to serve as the pointer. But I like added complexity for no good reason. I guess that’s why I read this blog…

    1. Dang, I need grammar help.

      Bearing with an axle running through it and attached to that axle a weighted pendulum with a pointer on top that shows the number rolled.

      Maybe that’s better?

  2. Seems obvious but would make a nice ring or set of rings (for different die) and ease of use. Could sell a ton on thinkgeek.

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