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While I was at the Maker Faire Detroit, I picked up a sweet Japanese embroidery kit from Tadaa Studios. It’s called Sashiko which translates to “little stabs” so it really is the perfect embroidery for me, the chronic needlefelter. The technique involves stacking up stitches on a long needle to create perfect little dashes. The kit I chose includes the pattern printed on lightweight linen, a needle and 6 colors of thread.
Before I got started, I spent some time clicking through the Sashiko Pool on Flickr and I found great inspiration there. My goal is to have this beauty stitched up before my next blog post tomorrow evening so that I can share my results. The sewing is so simple and the design is so engaging that I shouldn’t have any trouble at all- I think the hard part will be deciding what to do with my completed piece!

10 thoughts on “My First Sashiko Embroidery Kit

  1. Thanks for sharing! I had never heard of this! I’m always looking for new crafts, and this may be my next venture!

  2. Even though I’ve done sashiko before (it’s very relaxing how you can just follow the lines), I bought their koi fish sampler and some sashiko thread (i’d just used dmc).
    For those wanting to learn, I recommend ‘The Ultimate Sashiko Sourcebook’ by Susan Briscoe. It has a good explanation of the basics, and has an extensive selection of traditional designs.

  3. The referral to the Briscoe book was helpful; thanks! Have you done any of this craft apart from a sampler? I am wondering how one gets the design onto the fabric if it is not purchased pre-printed…

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