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I recently attended BlogHer ’10 this week in New York City and needed to bring my trusty Hello Kitty Janome with me. I wasn’t sure how best to get my machine on the plane, but after a date with some painter’s tape, we made it on just fine. Since security rules are always changing, here’s the latest and greatest advice for all you traveling seamstresses.

When taking your machine on a plane, follow these steps:

  • Remove the presser foot, bobbin, and needle. It’s best if you have a piece of luggage to check to play it safe with getting the needle through. I put all of the pieces in one small sandwich bag
  • Make sure you didn’t leave a spool thread on the spindle
  • Fold up any protruding pieces. For me, I taped down the spindle
  • Tape down any piece you might be worried about coming loose
  • Make sure your handle is secure. If you don’t have a handle, find a cushioned bag to use
  • When you’re actually ready to put the machine through the X-ray, make sure it goes by itself in its own bin

I had no problems going from Detroit to NYC and back. They did inspect it both times, but nothing was taken apart. If anything, I was praised for having glasses that matched my sewing machine.
Have your traveled with crafty tools before? If you have, let us know some of your tips!