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How-To: Mod the Monotron mini synth

2CV from Din Sync demonstrates some of the sweet analog sounds which can be produced with a few simple mods made to a Korg Monotron. For those unfamiliar, the Monotron, is a pocket-sized analog synth well suited for hacking/modding.

This little ribbon-controlled unit seems more than a little bit inspired by Gakken’s popular SX-150 analog stylus synth, but unlike the SX, the Monotron comes fully assembled and is much more compact. Overall a very cool design, but really the best feature is revealed once you open up this things enclosure – the PCB’s most hackable points are all clearly labelled:

Monotronpcb Cc

Here’s hoping this sparks a trend and more manufacturers realize how many of their customers have soldering irons (and want to use them!)

Check out 2CV’s write-up and simple schematic for Monotron CV inputs over at

In the Maker Shed:


SX-150 Analog Synthesizer Kit

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  1. Note the complete lack of information on how to modify anything once you’ve opened the device up. Possibly the worst ‘how to’ guide ever written.