Coming to your town: the Midwest Workshop Tour of Hackerspaces

For the rest of the month, I’m going on tour with Mitch Altman and Jimmie Rodgers on their Midwest Workshop Tour of Hackerspaces. We’re visiting a number of hackerspaces in the Midwest, where Mitch will be running workshops on how to solder, and spreading knowledge about hackerspaces:

The workshops will give anyone and everyone the opportunity to learn to solder by making any number of kits that me and Jimmie have created to teach people to make cool things with microcontrollers — kits that are designed so that everyone, regardless of age or skill level, can complete successfully and take home with them. It is very similar to what I do when I’m home (and what Miloh does all the other times) at Circuit Hacking Mondays at Noisebridge . The workshops also help build publicity for the hackerspaces that host the workshops by attracting people to the space, and showing everyone how cool it is to have a hackerspace in their home town.

Here are some photos of the first events, and a schedule of our next stops. If you live near one of these spaces and have been thinking about coming out to visit, this would be a great opportunity!

OCD (Detroit, MI): workshop on 8-August
Mt. Elliot Makerspace (Detroit, MI): workshop on 9-August
i3Detroit (Detroit, MI): workshop on 10-August
A2 MechShop (Ann Arbor, MI): visit on 11-August
AHA (Ann Arbor, MI): workshop on 12-August
LVL1/Actors Theatre (Louisville, KY): demo on 13-August
LVL1 (Louisville, KY): workshop on 14-August
Hive13 (Cincinnati, OH): presentation on 17-August
Hive13 (Cincinnati, OH): workshop on 18-August
BloomingLabs (Bloomington, IN): workshop on 19-August
Arch Reactor (St. Louis, MO): workshop on 20-August
KC Mini Maker Faire / CCCKC (Kansas City, MO): Hardware Hacking Area at Faire on 22-August
Quad Cities Co-Lab Hackerspace (Quad Cities, IA/IL): workshop on 24-August
PS:1 (Chicago, IL): workshop on 25-August
Madison BarCamp (Madison, WI): talk on hackerspaces on 28-August
Sector67 (Madison, WI): workshop on 29-August