Remember the giant kitty couch I posted last week? Well I couldn’t find out who made it from the incomplete internet breadcrumb trail through which I found the picture, but I just got word from Dries Verbruggen from Belgian design studio Unfold, complete with process photos! Bless the anonymous soul who tipped them off to the post!

Unfold’s Installation Felis Domesticus originated from the wallpaper of their apartments child’s room which featured cats and cat stickers, and so the story unfolds. Cats are very attached to their habitat and even return to a previous habitat. In Felis Domesticus (Latin for domestic cat) the roll between host and guest is reversed, visitors are guest in a giant cats habitat.

And in case you enterprising crafters at home care to try your hand at making your own Felis Domesticus couch, Dries also just posted the pattern: