Paper Crafts

These ice cream cone balloons from the Crafts Dept. are brilliant in their simplicity. A little craft paper and some helium-filled balloons and you’ve got an instant centerpiece for a party.

6 thoughts on “Ice Cream Cone Balloons

  1. I love this! In Hawaii, at Aoki’s Shave Ice, they have glittery Christmas tree ornaments hanging along the wall, in red, green, blue, and yellow. Each one has a little cone of white paper attached to the bottom. Little sparkly snow cones! I took a really blurry picture and decided it was not pretty enough to post. I was too excited to eat my snow cone with azuki beans to take a better shot, I guess. Priorities.

  2. very interesting article! I will follow your themes.
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  3. Be sure to use light-weight craft paper for the cones. The paper I used was too heavy for the balloons and they wouldn’t float.
    I took the cones off the balloons and used them instead as party hats for the kiddos. It turned out to be a fun alternative!

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