You’re probably already familiar with Nemo Gould’s work, covered here on Make: Online, in MAKE magazine, at Maker Faire Bay Area, or through other purveyors of fine maker-inspiring artistry. Nemo sent us links to his two most recent pieces, Party of One and The Race.

Party of One (seen above) was constructed using the following materials: Equipment case, corkscrew, disco ball Christmas ornament, wallpaper, fishing reel, lamp parts, mirrors, LEDs, motors, and vintage radio dial cover. I love the creative use of the fishing reel and the human arm-like movements of the corkscrew. That Nemo Gould is one clever cookie! You can see some images of his build process here.


The second piece, The Race, turns an old radio cabinet into a cinematic depiction of a desert motorcycle race. Found objects used include a radio cabinet, Fresnel lens, picture frame, magazine clippings, bicycle brake parts, lamp parts, typewriter parts, clock and watch parts, toy wheels, door bell button, motors, aluminum, wood, and LEDs. You can see process images of this lovely piece here.