How-To: Build a soldering iron stand from a coathanger

So, you want to do some soldering, but can’t find that blasted stand that came with your iron. What’s a Maker to do? Well, you could settle for setting it on a block of wood, or perhaps an unsuspecting siblings toy. If you’ve got an old coathanger handy, though, you can do much better with this DIY soldering iron stand (if I do say so myself). Thanks to Mitch Altman for demonstrating the technique, which has come in handy multiple times during our soldering workshop tour!

If you get bored with the look of the regular stand, you can also try experimenting with other shapes. For instance, I made a fish:


8 thoughts on “How-To: Build a soldering iron stand from a coathanger

  1. Very handy. I might try that today. I don’t have any wire coathangers, but I do have some welding rod that should work.

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