Creating a computer-controlled sewing machine

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This enterprising maker bought an el cheapo sewing machine and added a heavier-duty DC motor and a Parallax Propeller microcontroller. With the new motor, the MCU, a motor controller, and some sensors, this cheap machine acquires all sorts of high-end control and sewing features.

DIY Sewing Machine Retrofit

CNC sewing machine

4 thoughts on “Creating a computer-controlled sewing machine

  1. Saint says:

    I wonder if adding some gear reduction gears would be beneficial, as to it would increase the torque at lower speeds. I guess it would depend on what it is you’re trying to accomplish, what you’re sewing through, and if you care about overall speed

  2. gekizai says:

    Is there any chance you will add an X-Y table and go for full CNC embroidery?

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