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How-To: Spray bike makeover



Learn to strip down and repaint an old bike in this CRAFT project sponsored by Krylon. MAKE staffer Sheena Stevens shows off the made-over Space Cruiser in the pic above! Brookelynn Morris writes:

My friend had a classic beach bike that she rode around town every day for years. It is a good bike with great style, but when she came back from college, it went to pasture in the yard. The hibiscus decals that were once fun were now faded, and a perfectly good ride sat collecting weeds.

In one weekend we completely transformed her dull and faded beach cruiser into a shiny bike fit for a ride in the Milky Way. I used Krylon spray paint with an anodized finish to give it a gleaming green to blue fade. The Krylon X-Metal effect is achieved by starting with the X-Metal Converter. It lays down a very sparkly base coat. The X-Metal colors themselves are a sheer over-layer and together, they have an out-of-this-world effect.

The project has a handy PDF to get you going.

10 thoughts on “How-To: Spray bike makeover

  1. The front fork is bent inward, it should be changed for a safer ride.

    I may add that the authors of that tutorial should have taken apart the whole bike, not just the saddle and wheels. Painting over the headset bearings and crankset is not a good job at all.

  2. Carefully considering the “be nice” comment policy, I have to say the paint colors they chose are pretty.

    But doesn’t a bike that has sat outside gathering weeds deserves more TLC than a quick respray? It’s pretty easy to strip a single-speed bike like that fully – the headset and bottom bracket are easy, and a chain breaker is relatively cheap. You could even repack the front hub easily, but the rear coaster-brake is trickier to pull apart and reassemble.

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