Learn to strip down and repaint an old bike in this CRAFT project sponsored by Krylon. MAKE staffer Sheena Stevens shows off the made-over Space Cruiser in the pic above! Brookelynn Morris writes:

My friend had a classic beach bike that she rode around town every day for years. It is a good bike with great style, but when she came back from college, it went to pasture in the yard. The hibiscus decals that were once fun were now faded, and a perfectly good ride sat collecting weeds.

In one weekend we completely transformed her dull and faded beach cruiser into a shiny bike fit for a ride in the Milky Way. I used Krylon spray paint with an anodized finish to give it a gleaming green to blue fade. The Krylon X-Metal effect is achieved by starting with the X-Metal Converter. It lays down a very sparkly base coat. The X-Metal colors themselves are a sheer over-layer and together, they have an out-of-this-world effect.

The project has a handy PDF to get you going.