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A Quick Look at the Morton’s Salt Girl

I love seeing how logos evolve over time, especially when they’re as iconic and illustrative as the Morton’s Umbrella Girl. On par with the bare-cheeked Coppertone girl (1953), this little lassie has been a favorite for Halloween costumes, tattoos, and craft projects for decades. She got her start in 1914, and proceeded to update her image every 10 years on average — “Whenever we start to show our age, we do a little face lifting. Isn’t that just like a woman?” reads a line from a 1968 advertisement. Uh, right, Mr. Morton.
I will say that the company has done a great job of preserving its logo history. You can see a wonderful collection of vintage advertisements and products, and read more about the Umbrella Girl evolution on their website. And I simply must add my own personal bid to the Morton Salt company: start selling “collector” canisters with the older logos (above)! Mugs are cool, but the real deal is even better. More classic logo goodness at Neatorama. When it rains, it pours.

4 thoughts on “A Quick Look at the Morton’s Salt Girl

  1. I think you may have missed the “collector” canisters, Katie, the last two (or so) canisters I’ve gotten had the 1914 and 1933 girls on them, respectively. I think my current canister has the modern one, though. Of course, it does take a few months for me to go through one!

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