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MAKEcation: Powered bikes!

MZ_MAKEcation_Badge2010.gifI found these two bikes in the MAKE Flickr pool:

The top photo shows a folding bike with an “electric push trailer” — a $75 e-bike conversion kit turned into an electrically-powered trailer. Neat idea!

The bottom photo shows a standard mountain bike that some maniac has hacked to run via gas engine.

What have you done to mod your bike this summer? Leave a comment.

6 thoughts on “MAKEcation: Powered bikes!

    me and my dear friend olegtron decided to build a three wheeler that contains all sorts of electric equipment for making electronics on- road. It contains a 12V car battery( +solar panels) to run all elelctronics like car stereo, soldering stations, mobile VJing, etc…
    sorry that text is in finnish :) maybe to make it as in english too. On our blog one can find step-by-step instructions on making the three-wheeler and wiring for car battery.. more blog posts coming soon

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