The Dumponaut, an art project envisioning a home made out of a dumpster.

There are countless external controls on our existence, and a big one is the trade of capital for goods. The loophole lives in dumpsters: where there is surplus, there is an exit from the system. but it isn’t a true exit – it’s a temporary glimpse through a porthole of autonomy if you will. in reality, dumpster diving is still a form of dependence.

The Dumponaut (aka Lil’ Takeover) is a kind of ode to that dialogue. Yes, I could live in this thing, yes it cost me no more than $50 dollars to make, but i couldn’t have possibly created the materials i’m building with – i have neither the skill, nor the resources, nor the money, to do so. This begs the question: if I were to eliminate the materials i found in the dumpster, what would I do?