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Add life to your SketchUp creations with Sketchyphysics

Like modeling your projects using Sketchup, but wish that you could go one step further and see if they work before spending time printing them? Well, you might want to have a look at Sketchyphysics. It’s a physics simulator that you can use to put your creations to life, and presumably work out the bugs before committing to a physical version. We mentioned it back in 2007, however it’s new to me. [via Lets Make Robots]

2 thoughts on “Add life to your SketchUp creations with Sketchyphysics

  1. I modeled a machine used to separate chile peppers from stems after harvest using SketchUp and SketchyPhysics. The model is located at the SketchUp 3D Warehouse. Many SketchyPhysics models can be found there if you search for the “sketchyphysics” keyword.

    I made a video showing how the model works. It shows footage of the original machine and the model. Bear in mind that I had to speed up my model’s video playback speed in order to make it more ‘realistic’, since the simulation ran very slowly on my computer.

    Link to the model:

    Link to the Video:

    Bonus link to a model of Mathias Wandel’s Marble Adding Machine (kinda works):

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